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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can you pickle?

Did you know how easy pickling is, and how much interesting flavor pickled vegetables can add to your meal? With fresh vegetables picked right out of his garden, Greg walks us through the simple, age old process of pickling. In this week's episode he'll give you a few tips - why you shouldn't use balsamic vinegar to pickle, and how the addition of salt can change your preservation from three weeks to three years, introduce you to a creamy, delicious cheese from Goat Rising Farms in Charlemont, MA, as well as put together another meal that will send you straight into the kitchen to get started on your own version. (We love when he makes this Roasted Pork Sandwich for us too. We should also mention that it's best served on homemade Focaccia, which yes, you can see (and taste!) every day on Chandler's Menu.)

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