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Monday, August 22, 2011

Miniature Chef's in the Making!

While Greg has been filming cooking segments every week and sharing his kitchen knowledge with you savvy party hostesses and at home chef's, we thought that it might be a great idea to let the REAL critics get in on the fun. . . the kids! 

Chandler’s Kid’s Cooking Classes are an opportunity for parents AND their children to explore the craft of cooking in a no pressure setting utilizing ingredients and utensils safe and accessible to kids. Classes will be structured so as to provide ample opportunities for children to be involved in most of the preparation, but may require parental supervision when it comes time to finish the dish. The intention is to familiarize children with the raw ingredients used to prepare a variety of foods and inform them of the nutritional values associated with them.

To kick off our kid’s cooking classes this fall we’ll start with something simple: Pasta!

Not just your ordinary pasta, but pasta with COLOR. Kid’s will be shown how to make the pasta from scratch with semolina flour, fresh eggs, and a variety of vegetables to give the pasta its color - spinach, beets, and winter squash will all be the stars. Next they’ll learn how to roll the pasta by hand and how they can make a variety of shapes and sizes. We will be cooking a small sample of the pastas made and the kids will go home with a variety of dried homemade pastas that they can cook themselves with their parent’s assistance.

Classes will last approximately one hour and will be taught in a private dining area in Chandler’s restaurant. A brief tour of Chandler’s kitchen can be accommodated upon request at the end of each class. 

Classes will be priced at $25.00 per child. Price includes class instruction, recipes and a goody bag, lunch and a beverage, as well as complimentary lunch for one accompanying adult. 

Space is limited, and reservations are required 413-665-1277 

Classes start at 10:30 am. Available Dates:  Saturday, September 3; Saturday, October 1; Saturday, November 12; Saturday, December 10

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