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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Start rethinking your summer vacation plans. . .

If you missed last month's wine tasting, fear not, for like a fine wine, they just keep getting better and better. August's edition features all things local, keeping in spirit of all the great farms, dairies, and wineries in our state. This month Greg Monette, Executive Chef, and Kyle Wojtowicz, Wine Director, will  take you on culinary tour of Massachusetts with a menu that will surely inspire you re route your vacation plans to visit (at least) one of the 25 wineries in the state. 

When looking for wine to match each of Chef Monette's dishes, Kyle went in search of local wine with high standards. As Chandler's wine collection already features a Chardonnay by Westport Rivers in Westport, MA, she started there. Added to the menu from Westport Rivers is the Westport Brut 'RJR', and the Pinot Noir Rose. Interesting tidbit's and additional accolades about Westport? You'll be one of the privileged few to taste the Pinot Noir Rose, as it's in very limited production, with just over 300 cases produced. The Brut "RJR", a traditional blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which put Westport Vineyards on the map, has been served at the White House during three administrations. 

Also on the menu you'll notice Nantucket Vineyards. NV sources all its grapes froCalifornia, Washington state and New York, allowing the vintner a chance to focus on the fermentation and production side of wine making. We should also mention that in 1997 Nantucket Vineyards and Cisco Brewers collaborated to found Triple Eight Distillery on Nantucket Island, making them the region's first triple threat. Beer, Wine, and Vodka. What gets better than that?  

You'll also find a few of Chandler's favorite local farms featured on this menu. A not-so-secret tidbit, in fact we're so proud we'll yell it from the roof tops, we feature these local farms every day on our both our lunch and dinner menus. In addition to planning that road trip towards the cape and islands, we suggest you hit our favorite farms stands daily. 

Do we have you hooked? Visit mass.gov to view a map complete with all the wine and cheese makers in Massachusetts. Sounds like our kind of vacation! 

See you on Friday, August 5th! Call us to make your reservations at 413-665-1277. 

Chandler's Wine, Food, and Jazz Spectacular
Friday, August 5th  6 pm - 9 pm 
Featuring Espresso Jazz

$40.00 per person, plus tax and gratuity 

Goat Rising Cheese Plate
Westport Rivers Westport Brut 'RJR'- 65% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay- Lively mousse, with aromas of pear and toasty yeast, crisp and bright with a long finish

Kitchen Garden Farm Grilled Vegetable Timbale 
Nantucket Vineyards Pinot Gris- Bright and crisp with a whisper of lemon on the finish, mineral nose with a hint of earthiness Nantucket Vineyards Syrah- Leafy essence and medium body, warm and round mouthfeel, accessible to the palate

Fresh Atlantic Seafood Tapas
Westport Rivers Chardonnay- Barrel ageing to add toasty oak and lush creaminess, classic east coast flavors of apple and pear

Diemand Farm Turkey Mole Enchiladas
Nantucket Vineyards Sailor's Delight-Unique blend of Syrah and Zinfandel, spicy and earthy with aromas and flavors of dark red fruit

Cold Spring Orchard Cherry Clafouti
Westport Rivers Pinot Noir Rosé- Aromas and flavors of cherries and red candy apples, red berries and a hint of cotton candy on the refreshing finish

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